Gas to the Far East
Gas to the Far East
STROYGAZMONTAZH has constructed 200-km of inter-settlement gas pipelines in the Khabarovsk Territory, Kamchatka and Sakhalin to deliver natural gas to 27 populated centers of the region.
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SGM JSC widely applies the concept of engineering to develop its project management system. The customers of such engineering services are the internal companies of SGM Group and external ones.

We offer the following range of engineering services:

  • Design engineering
    collection of initial data, preparation of technical design specifications, development of the customized sections of the project, execution of permits and approvals, expert appraisal
  • Process engineering
    provision of construction and operational technologies along with permitting documents to the clients; process design; creating purchase order specifications for process equipment
  • Cost and financial engineering
    preparation of budgets and cost calculations for the projects; development of new financing instruments and operation schemes
  • Production engineering
    choice of the reasonable construction methods; preparation of tender documents for procurement, works and services; preproduction works and work management, supervision of manufacturing, procurement and production; quality control during construction.

To provide consulting services and perform design and survey works we engage firms specialized in the design. The priority is given to the solutions, which are based on reasonable choice of materials and equipment, the use of domestic parts and the most effective technologies.

The concept of engineering enables us to:

  • effectively manage projects with accumulated technical and cost information
  • provide flexibility within project management
  • reduce the terms required to conduct work, and manufacturing costs
  • mitigate investment and others risks to customers
  • raise the competitiveness of our services