Onshore facilities construction
Main construction and installation activities within the first and second phase of Russkaya CS construction (Southern Corridor), which can become the most powerful compressor station in the world (448 MW), were completed.
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Onshore facilities construction

STROYGAZMONTAZH is the largest corporate group in Russia engaged in onshore facilities construction within oil and gas sector.

SGM Group has constructed and reconstructed the following compressor stations (CS) and linear production centers (LPC):
– within the Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok gas trunkline: main Sakhalin CS, Amur and Khabarovk LPC, Amurskaya CS’ maintenance depot
– within the Bovanenkovo – Ukhta gas trunkline system: Baydaratskaya CS, Intinskaya CS
– within the Ukhta – Torzhok cross-country gas pipeline system: Novosindorskaya CS, Novoprivodinskaya CS, Novonyuksenitskaya CS, Novoyubileynaya CS
– within the SRTO – Torzhok gas trunkline: Nyuksenitskaya CS
– within the Pochinki – Gryazovets gas trunkline: Vyaznikovskaya CS, Ivanovskaya CS
– within the Gryazovets – Vyborg gas trunkline: Gryazovets CS, Gryazovetskaya CS, Sheksninskaya CS, Babaevskaya CS, Pikalevskaya CS, Volkhovskaya CS, Elizavetinskaya CS
– within the South Stream gas trunkline system: Russkaya CS, Korenovskaya CS, Shakhtinskaya CS, Kubanskaya CS, Kamyshin’ GDS
– within the Urengoy – Novopskov gas trunkline: Ekaterinovka CS, Bubnovka CS, Pisarevka CS
– within the North Caucasus – Center gas trunkline system: Georgievsk CS 

Construction and reconstruction of Maykopskaya CS, Krasnoarmeyskaya CS, Yubileynaya CS and Novoprivodinskaya CS (SRTO – Torzhok), Skovorodino LPC and Neryungri (the Power of Siberia) are underway, as well as installation of air coolers at Portovaya CS (Gryazovets – Vyborg).

One of SGM Group areas of activity is reconstruction and expansion of underground gas storage facilities (UGSF):
– Nevskoye UGSF (the Novgorod Region) – the largest underground gas storage facility in the North-West of Russia. The IVth phase of expansion has been completed. As a result, now it’s possible to store additional 0.5 bcm of gas;
– Sovkhoznoye UGSF (the Orenburg Region) is used to provide gas to the industrialized areas of Ural and Volga Region. The set of reconstruction works will be completed by 2018;
– Punginskoye UGSF (the Tumen Region) – the only underground gas storage facility in the Western Siberia. After expansion project completion the storage capacity will be increased from 2.5 to 3.5 bcm of gas.

STROYGAZMONTAZH has performed reconstruction of the gas processing facility (GPF) at the Novo-Urengoy license area. Installation and construction works were performed by the request of Rospan International JSC, the subsidiary of Rosneft Oil Company. Thanks to reconstruction GPF’s capacity has been increased nearly two times to become 7.5 mln cubic meters of gas per day.

SGM Group has completed the expansion of condensate pre-transportation preparation plant (Novy Urengoy). The initial pumping station #2, comprising 600 cubic meter storage spheres (16 units), was built within the project.

The commissioning of the initial pumping station #2 will bring a significant increase to capacity of deethanized condensate transportation off the station to the Surgut condensate stabilization plant.

STROYGAZMONTAZH performs the construction of the Urengoyskaya oil pumping station. The start-up of the station together with Urengoy-Pur-Pe petroleum pipeline will make oil rims of oil-gas-condensate fields and gas-condensate deposits of the Urengoy field operable. The total area of the construction site is nearly 30 ha. There will be installed oil tanks each holding up to 30 thousand cubic meters.

SGM Group performs the development of the following fields:
– Kovykta gas-condensate field. After commissioning it will be one of the resource bases for the Power of Siberia gas trunkline. Gas reserves of the field are estimated at 2.5 trillion cubic meters. It is helium-rich gas. For the purposes of the project a pilot helium recovery membrane unit has been tested and well pads have been developed. The construction of gas processing unit is under way, etc.
– Yamsovey oil-gas-condensate field. The field is in operation since 1997. In 2010, STROYGAZMONTAZH has performed installation and construction works to develop additional 6 wells at the Yarey area, thus maintaining the production level and increasing the field production rate by 1.25 bcm of gas per year.