Pochinki – Gryazovets gas pipeline
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Pochinki – Gryazovets gas pipeline

The Pochinki — Gryazovets trunk gas pipeline will ensure delivery of supplementary volumes of gas to the Northwestern Region of Russia, including the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Customer: CJSC Yamalgazinvest
  • Gas pipeline length: 650 km
  • Pipe diameter: 1420 mm
  • Pressure: 7.4 MPa
  • Design capacity: 36 billion m³ per year

On the next stage together with the arrival of gas from Yamal gas fields the gas pipeline will start to operate in a reverse mode, the gas flow will be redirected to the Central region. The route of the Pochinki — Gryazovets gas pipeline will go across the territory of Nizhny Novgorod region, Vladimir, Ivanov, Yaroslavl and Vologda regions. The employer of the project is CJSC Yamalgazinvest.

The total length of the Pochinki — Gryazovets gas pipeline will amount to 650 km, pipe diameter is 1420 mm, operating pressure is 7.4 MPa. Its design capacity is up to 36 bln. m3 of gas per year.

In 2011, SGM commissioned 13 sections of the Pochinki — Gryazovets trunk gas pipeline with a total length of more than 500 km.

Works for the construction of Ivanovskaya and Vyaznikovskaya compressor stations are finished on the Pochinki — Gryazovets gas pipeline. In addition, a gas metering station, junction points of CS Yaroslavskaya and Vyaznikovskaya, 10 gas reduction spools and other facilities were built and put into operation.

STROYGAZMONTAZH has completed the installation of the main and reserve strings of the Pochinki — Gryazovets gas pipeline across the Volga. The underwater crossing was made by the ordinary trenching method, by pulling the pipeline through a developed underwater trench. The length of the main string amounted to 1099 m, and the reserve string is 1072 m.