Ukhta – Torzhok, Ukhta – Torzhok – 2 gas trunkline system
Lengazspetsstroy on guard Yamal
Lengazspetsstroy on guard Yamal
JSC Len­gaz­spets­stroy involved in the con­struc­tion of gas pipelines Bova­nen­kovo – Ukhta, designed to ensure gas from the Yamal Penin­sula in the North-West Russia and further to Europe.
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Ukhta – Torzhok, Ukhta – Torzhok – 2 gas trunkline system

Ukhta – Torzhok gas trunkline system is constructed to create gas transportation system, which will connect the Yamal Peninsula with central Russian regions.

Customer: Ukhta – Torzhok: Yamalgazinvest, CJSC
Ukhta – Torzhok –2: Gazprom invest, LLC
  • Gas pipeline length: 483 km (Ukhta – Torzhok), 485 km (Ukhta – Torzhok – 2)
  • Pipe diameter: 1420 mm
  • Pressure: 9.8 MPa
  • Design capacity: 45 billion m³ per year (each string)

The first phase of construction was completed in 2012. STROYGAZMONTAZH has taken charge of 483-km gas pipeline construction, while the total pipe length is 972 km. Apart of linear pipeline (2012-2014), SGM has constructed four compressor stations, namely Novosindorskaya CS, Novoprivodinskaya CS, Novonyuksenitskaya CS and Novoyubileynaya CS.

The next step of gas transportation system development and expansion is an execution of the Ukhta – Torzhok – 2 Project. SGM Group is engaged in construction of 485-km linear pipeline, i.e. exact half of the total length.

SGM Group pipeline passes through the Vologodsk and Arkhangelsk Regions. As a part of the project 20 road crossings will be built, including the crossing over Kholmogory federal road (Moscow – Arkhangelsk), as well as 3 railway crossings. Furthermore, the river crossing will be built over Sukhona river (983 m) and Malaya Severnaya Dvina (1,271 m) using HDD-technique. As for Ukhta – Torzhok – 2 Project, SGM is engaged in construction of the Novoprivodinskaya compressor station.