Tokarevka - Zherdevka gas pipeline

Tokarevka - Zherdevka gas pipeline

Construction of Tokarevka – Zherdevka lateral gas pipeline aimed to improve gas supply to the populated centers, industrial and agricultural companies of the Tambov Region.

Customer: CJSC Gazprom invest Yug
  • Gas pipeline length: 36.8 km
  • Pipe diameter: 325 mm
  • Pressure: 5.4 MPa

STROYGAZMONTAZH has constructed of the Tokarevka – Zherdevka lateral gas pipeline, which passes through the territory of the Tambov and Voronezh Region.

In the course of construction three underground crossings under Kleshnya, Savala and Talovaya Rivers were formed by HDD method (with total length of 774 m), another six crossings under motor roads and two crossings under railway lines were formed using pipe-jacking technique (length of pipes is 534 m in total).

Moreover, to provide stable operation of trunk gas pipeline the reliable system of telemechanics and communications have been arranged.