Okhansk - Kirov gas pipeline

Okhansk - Kirov gas pipeline

STROYGAZMONTAZH is performing the Okhansk – Kirov lateral gas pipeline refurbishment with its route passing through the area of the Perm Territory, the Udmurt Republic and the Kirov Region.

Customer: Gazprom tsentrremont LLC
  • Gas pipeline length: 343 km
  • Pipe diameter: 700 mm
  • Pressure: 5.5 MPa

This lateral, which belongs to Perm – Gorky I, II mail gas pipeline and Yamburg – Tula I, II main gas pipeline, is aimed to provide people of the Kirov Region with natural gas. The Okhansk – Kirov lateral has been in operation for 40 years up to now, but with time its working pressure and capacity become lower. To restore the full capacity of the lateral it was accepted to perform complete refurbishment of the lateral.

STROYGAZMONTAZH is responsible for construction of six start-up complexes (1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7).

First three start-up complexes were put into operation. Installation and welding works for the fifth and sixth start-up complexes have been completed.

These works are carried out under the national program for Perm Territory, Udmurt Republic and Kirov Region gas supply reliability improvement with due regard to their growth prospects. This program is aimed to satisfy the gas demands of population, as well as industrial and agricultural plants. As a result, 35 settlements of the Kirov Region will be provided with gas; 40 boiler stations will be fed with gas, and by 2018 the level of gasification of the region will reach 40%.