Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok 2019
SGM Group is constructing the linear part of the Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok trunk gas pipel...
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Three more buildings were constructed in Artek
Three more buildings – The Tulip, The May Lily, The Water Lily – were put into operation in the Artek International Summer Camp. Nice, bright and comfortable 4-storey buildings for camp leaders were constructed in Pribrezhny campus, which comprises Ozerny, Rechnoy, Polevoy and Lesnoy camps.

The General Contractor is STROYGAZMONTAZH; The Contractor is SSK Gazregion. The total area of new buildings, which are designed for up to 270 persons per session, equals to 8,405 sq.m.

All buildings were designed and constructed with due regard to natural landscape preservation. Thus, to keep safe the roots of relict metasequoia designers have changed the form of The Tulip’s structure, and surprisingly it has become even more good looking. The high seismic activity of the area (of magnitude up to 9) was also considered during construction. The new buildings were made of up-to-date construction materials, which comply with all sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

Construction works were performed 24 hours a day without weekends and holidays. Around 1,200 workers were engaged in construction resulting in advance handover of three new buildings, i.e. 21 days ahead of schedule.
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