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#ThankstoBuilders promotional campaign held in Artek on the Builders Day
On August 13, 2017 (the Builders Day), the promotional campaign #ThankstoBuilders held in the Artek International Children’s Centre. Artek’s children and staff expressed their gratitude to such important and challenging profession as builders.
Children have prepared special videos and shared them in social networks, where everyone could see the renovated Artek’s facilities. That was the way the children were expressing their gratitude for the renovation of their camp of choice. Now, thanks to the builders, the Camp has up-to-date accommodation blocks, the historical value of the place has been preserved.

STROYGAZMONTAZH has been performing works for renovation and construction of the Artek International Children’s Centre since 2014. All works were performed at rapid pace, thus within a short time 9 internal camps were launched, including living quarters, service utilities and recreational centers. For the moment the Artek is able to host over 30 thousand people. STROYGAZMONTAZH got the Artek’s prize for the quality and project development assistance – the Designer of Knowledge.

“The builders are not just our contractors, but they are the partners of the Artek and co-designers of the large-scaled project. They not just build the facilities, but create the infrastructure of the future” – said Alexey Kasprzhak, the Director.

The reconstruction started in 2014. In 2017, the main scope of works was completed. More than 277,143.8 sq.m. were reconstructed in 9 camps, including roads (15 km), utilities (19 km), 6 canteens, 15 sport grounds, 3 tennis courts, fitness center with two pools, medical block, 7 fire places, 3 promenades and service facilities. Climbing wall and ropes course were put into operation along with educational center (6 th.sq.m.). By the summer 2017 three accommodation blocks were launched within Pribrezhny, the May Lily (3,055 th.sq.m.), the Tulip (2,714 th.sq.m.), the Water Lily (3,048 th.sq.m.). Moreover, the Artek-Arena, up-to-date entertainment center, was constructed (3.9 th.sq.m.). Following the RF Government Regulation No.272 the Artek was equipped with 4.5 km fence. Now all the guests can feel safe.

Alexey Kasprzhak has mentioned that “rapid Artek’s spurt, which is discussed in Russia and abroad, has happen thanks to effective construction process”. “Design solutions, ecological requirements, cultural and historical challenges, best construction practices are the basic aspects of builder’s activities. Our guests are impressed with so tight deadlines and excellent quality. One more major aspect we shouldn’t forget –the children. Since 2014, over 70 thousand children visited the Artek. It was possible thanks to the builders. Thus, children sincerely express their gratitude to them. Do you know what is on the Artek’s photos made by children? The sea, splendid views of Ayu-Dag and… new living blocks!”

At the moment builders perform the construction of Solnechny camp in accordance with development plan. The area of the camp is 6.1 ha. It’s designed to host 1,000 children. The construction between Lazurny and Kiparisny is the part of the Artek’s General Plan - 1970 approved by Polyansky Alexey, the chief architect. Solnechny camp will comprise two living blocks (500 people each), medical center, fitness center with pool, climbing center, ping pong club and martial arts block, open sport fields and a hall for general purposes (500 seats). The unique educational center should be build there (1,500 seats), where the most talented children from all over Russia will study. There will be the canteen as well (1,200 seats).

Currently 12-store building is constructed as part of Artek’s relocation program.

Camp guests will also take part in development activities. Thus, during 9th session the children will share their views on infrastructure development. By the end of the session we’ll have their ideas on how everything should be in the Artek. Maybe they will want extra concert arenas, new class rooms, parks, etc. “We’ll analyze all the proposals together with builders. We eagerly wait for the future architectural designs from children’s point of view” – said Artek’s Director.
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