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STROYGAZMONTAZH handed over 20 tons of Crimean lime stone to the Sevastopol Museum and Preserve
STROYGAZMONTAZH, the general contractor of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for the construction of the museum and theatrical and educational complex in Sevastopol, handed over 20 tons of Krymbalsky (Crimean lime stone) and Alminsky stones to the Sevastopol Military Historical Museum and Preserve.

“The construction value of the Krymbalsky stone lies in its durability and resistance to moisture, which is why it was used here for construction of many buildings important for the coastal city. Our task was not only to select and preserve the found material, which has significant building properties and cultural and historical importance for Sevastopol, but also to transfer it for targeted use to the city,” said Viktor Zvonar, Head of the SGM territorial production and construction department in the city of Sevastopol.

The Krymbalsky stone was discovered and extracted during the design and exploration work on the territory of the former 54th mechanical plant, where archaeological excavations are underway.

The stone handed over to the Sevastopol Military Historical Museum and Preserve will be used for the reconstruction of the museum complex, including the restoration of the Historical Boulevard memorial complex with its center piece the Panorama, a monumental historical and artistic monument that immortalized the deed of the city’s defense participants of 1854 - 1855 during the Crimean War, as well as for repairs in the Malakhov Kurgan memorial complex.

“Krymbalsky stone was used in the construction of many city buildings, including museum buildings, located on the territory of two memorial complexes: the Historical Boulevard and Malakhov Kurgan. The stone handed over to us is a significant contribution to the work for restoration and preservation of the historical appearance of museum buildings, which will be held during the large-scale reconstruction until 2020,” said Fyodor Melnik, Deputy Head of the overhaul and reconstruction department of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Establishment Sevastopol Military History Museum and Preserve.
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