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In September 2019, the SRO ASGiNK marks its 10 years anniversary
Non-profit Partnership Association of builders of gas and oil complexes (NP SRO OSGiNK) was established in September 2009. The founders of the Partnership were large contractors engaged in the construction and reconstruction of the fuel and energy complex: Welding and Assembly Trust, Stroygazconsulting, STROYGAZMONTAZH and Stroytransgaz.

By the decision of Rostekhnadzor on December 1, 2009 NP SRO OSGiNK was assigned the status of a self-regulatory organization (SRO), based on the membership of entities carrying out construction. In accordance with changes in legislation in 2015, the Partnership was renamed the Association of Builders of Gas and Oil Complexes (SRO ASGiNK).

The president of the Association since its foundation is Bogdan Budzulyak, Honorary Worker of the Oil and Gas Industry, Doctor of Technical Sciences, member of the Gazprom Management Board (1989-2008). Since 2010, the functions of the sole executive body of the Association (General Director) have been performed by Alexander Apostolov, Honorary Worker of the Fuel and Energy Complex.

The Association’s permanent collegial body is the Council, consisting of top managers, heads of structural units of the largest Customers in the oil and gas complex and their subsidiaries (Gazprom, Rosneft, NovaTEK, Gazprom Neft, Gazprom Gaznadzor) leading industry contractors (STROYGAZMONTAZH, Welding and Assembly Trust, Gazstroyprom), financial entities (Gazprombank), research and production organizations (Gazenergostroy) and educational organizations (Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin).

Over the 10-year period of its operation, 839 companies from 65 regions of the Russian Federation, countries of the near and far abroad received membership in the Association. In connection with the introduction in July 2017 of the regional principle of the formation of SROs, the Association's members are Moscow construction organizations and foreign companies from Belarus, the Netherlands, Romania, the USA and Japan. Currently, the total number of associate members is 167. The total annual revenue of the members of the SRO ASGiNK exceeds 1 trillion rubles with a staff of 91 thousand people.

The main goal of the Association is to prevent hazards and improve the quality of construction, reconstruction, overhaul, demolition of oil and gas, industrial and special construction.

For that purpose, the Association is actively involved in monitoring the quality of construction. Over 10 years, more than 2,500 inspections have been carried out. At the same time, about 25% of them were field inspections with inspections of construction sites and offices of SRO members located from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. The Association has set up joint inspections with state supervisory authorities (Rostekhnadzor, Gosstroynadzor).

Systematic work on the implementation of the QMS has been organized among its members. Currently, more than 95% of companies are certified according to GOST R, INTERGAZSERT (GAZPROMSERT), and ISO systems.

In the field of statutory and technical regulation, the Association takes an active part in the work of technical committees of Rosstandart No. 465 “Construction”; No. 23 “Technique and technology for oil and gas production and processing”; subcommittee No. 10 “Construction and overhaul of oil and gas industry facilities”; No. 400 “Construction work. Typical technological and organizational issues”. SRO ASGiNK, together with Gazprom Gaznadzor, developed the Regulation on Quality Control of Construction by General Contractors at Gazprom's Facilities. The document was successfully tested at Gazprom and can be recommended for use in other oil and gas corporations. For the period 2009-2019, more than 350 regulatory legal acts were examined (including draft laws of the Russian Federation in the field of construction and self-regulation, EAEU technical regulations, interstate and national standards GOST R, STO NOSTROY). The association has developed 4 qualification and professional standards.

In 2009-2019, the Association took part in more than 200 congress and exhibitions (the largest of which are the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, “Labor Protection Week” (Sochi-2016), St. Petersburg International Gas Forum), and acted as organizer/co-organizer of more than 10 industry-specific conferences, including the Russian Investment and Construction Forum (RISF-2016). Active work is being carried out in working groups and committees of the International Business Congress (MDK), the All-Russian Association of Oil and Gas Employers, the Council for Professional Qualifications in the Oil and Gas Complex, and the Industry Commission for the Regulation of Social and Labor Relations.

The Association is engaged in assisting in professional development (with subsequent certification) and in the professional retraining of engineering and technical workers and management of the SRO member companies. Collaboration has been established with the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy under the President of the Russian Federation; Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin, Institute for Advanced Studies of Gazprom. During the activities of the SRO ASGiNK, more than 6 thousand employees of the Association members underwent training in continuing education programs.

The Association is active in enhancing the prestige of the profession of builder among students of higher and secondary educational institutions, and promotes advanced technologies and innovative developments in the oil and gas complex. For this purpose, SRO ASGiNK acted in 2014-2017 as a co-organizer of the Annual All-Russian contest "The Best Young Specialist in the Field of Oil and Gas Construction named after Andrey Andreyev" (Krasnodar). Since 2018, the Association has been participating as a co-organizer of the International Competition for Young Scientists “Oil and Gas Projects: A Look into the Future” and the contest “Young Vision Award”, held under the auspices of the International Business Congress.

As a result, the Association implements a whole range of activities: from adapting the legislative framework to modern realities, conducting inspections and training personnel to implementing a quality management system.
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