Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok 2019
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Construction of residential building in Gurzuf is near completed
In Gurzuf, the SGM Group is completing the construction of a residential building built by order of the Artek International Children’s Center. The work is carried out by SCC “Gazregion”.

The residential 12-story two-entrance house includes 226 apartments for Artek's employees and those who now reside on its territory. The house was built in accordance with the most modern standards, it is equipped with two elevators (a freight and a passenger lifts); on the ground floor there is a concierge room at each entrance. The heating and hot water supply system of the apartment building is connected to its own gas block-modular boiler plant, and also, as a backup source, to the city-wide heat supply system.

The apartments are handed over with interior decoration, metal doors; the bathrooms are fully equipped with plumbing; heating radiators with adjustable heat function are installed in all living areas. All apartments, except the ground floor, have spacious balconies with sea views on the famous Adalars cliffs on one side and the picturesque ridge of the Crimean mountains on the other.

Due to the fact that Gurzuf is located in a seismically complex region, a retaining wall was built near the house that can withstand 8 points on the Richter scale. In the courtyard of the house, builders have already arranged a new playground with slides and gazebos, a green lawn has been planted, and paths have been laid. All necessary conditions have been created for the unimpeded and comfortable movement of people with limited mobility in the building and recreation areas.
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