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A million and a half sturgeons were released into the Don River
Somewhere near million and a half young sturgeons were released into the Don River within aquatic biological resources rehabilitation plan.
The release was requested by SSK Gazregion, the member of SGM Group, which has completed the Krasnodar Territory – the Crimea trunk gas pipeline construction in 2016.

Compensation for damage to aquatic biological resources and their habitat destruction is the mandatory stage of any large offshore construction project. It’s not the first rehabilitation event. Earlier, in Autumn 2016, young salmons were released in the Mzymta River (The Black Sea), the Krasnodar Territory.

Juvenile sturgeons were hatched in Don sturgeon hatchery, which is the part of Azdonrybvod Federal Agency for Fisheries. The hatchery has its own the biggest in Europe breeding stock of 2,000 Russian juveniles. The hatchery also deals with great sturgeons, starred sturgeons, sterlets and other rare kinds of sturgeons.

They were hatched up to definite size in special ponds and pools to perform smooth release with easy upcoming adaptation in the natural habitat area. Average weight of the released fish is 2.5 g. First, juveniles were scaled and counted, then loaded to transportation packages located at the ship and transported toward the Don mouth to release downward Kochetov hydro system. In such a way the possibility of fish to get to the Azov Sea becomes greater. It’s hard to overcome hydro system units by themselves.

It should be noted that the number of valuable commercial fish including the Russian sturgeons has decreased not just because of industrial activities but also because of poaching. At the moment it’s prohibited in Russia to catch sturgeons and artificial rehabilitation makes it possible to keep population numbers stable.
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